Sunday, September 11, 2016

Know The Common Causes of Truck Accidents

There is no denying the fact that a number of accidents on the road happen due to the immense size and weight of the commercial trucks because big size trucks take more time to start, and stop than any other automobiles. It leads to the life-threatening condition when a big size truck is involved in a collision with a small vehicle.

There are maximum chances of severe injury to the victims of truck accidents because of the size, weight and speed of large trucks. Following are the reasons of happening truck accidents on the road:

  • Drivers Driving aggressively.
  • Unable to inspect tires, brakes and lights.
  • Fatigue Driver driving inattentively because of long shifts.
  • Use of phones while driving.
  • Blind Spot Mirrors not installed.
  • Over speed
  • Overtaking.
  • Driving between large trucks.
  • Not following traffic rules.
  • Driving in the No-Zone area.
  • Unable to slow down when a truck change lane.

Once you are involved in a truck accident, you need to hire a professional truck accident attorney who has years of experience in the same field. When an individual is injured, the trucking company tries to dispatch their Accident Response teams, in order to defend against the claims. But, it is the only condition that one should be able to get a successful verdict.

An attorney helps you to pursue the case in your favor. This is done by focusing on different types of accidents including, including trucks, semis and 18-wheelers. These attorneys are efficient enough to advocate for the victims of truck accidents. They strive to prosecute the lawsuit cases that they take up anywhere in the country.

There are many Truck Accidents Law Firms in United States, but it is very important to choose the right law firm, offering the best legal assistance, in order to turn the case in your favour.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Who May Be Legally Responsible For The Truck Accident Clash?

When you suffer serious injuries in a truck accident, in order to collect for injuries suffered in a truck accident, it is important to identify the defendants as possible, which may not be limited to just driver. When truck accidents occur and the driver of the passenger vehicle is not at fault, then who is liable?

Truck driver:  A truck driver may be held liable because of negligent behavior such as speeding or distracted driving. There may be some pending criminal charges and hence a conviction. If a maintenance problem contributes to a truck accident, the truck driver also is considered responsible for the crash. Truck drivers are required to carry insurance as cases are often resolved through insurance settlements and lawsuit with insurance companies.

Carrier: A trucking company will be held responsible for defects in trucks. This includes accountability for hiring and training practices. Sometimes a carrier’s records or employee interviews indicate that the company pushes employees to save money by cutting corners.

Truck manufacturer and parts makers: Some truck accidents are caused by the truck or one of it component parts failing. The part failures include tire blowouts, brake failures etc. This could be a maintenance issue, a product liability claim may seek to hold the manufacturer and distributor accountable. Victims will moreover have claims against individual part manufacturers also.

Government agencies and contractors: If a situation such as broken pavement, contributes to a truck accident, the state government responsible for that stretch of highway may be held accountable.

Truck accident lawyers know how to investigate truck accidents completely and how to develop cases against the responsible parties. Thus, it is crucial to hire a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer as soon as possible, when pursuing a personal injury claim for your truck accident.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Truck Accident: A Danger To Your Life On The Road

Trucks are one of the biggest automobiles on the road. A truck accident can cause a big damage to your life, leading to serious and even deadly injuries for victims. Truck accidents are extremely dangerous because of the sheer weight and size difference between truck-trailers and other vehicle or pedestrians. You have to deal with a very serious issue, if your vehicle gets hit by a truck.

The big size trucks are carrying heavy or hazardous material, thus carrying the potential for a life threatening accident. Every year, thousands of people die on roads or truck accidents and leave the victims in the position to succumb to a degraded way of life. If you have been the victim of a trucking accident, it's obvious that you have experienced critical injuries.

In this situation, only a good lawyer can help you in taking out of this hazardous situation by giving a vivid estimation of amount, you need to spend on your treatment and repair of your vehicle. Some of the common causes that may lead to a dangerous accidents are mentioned below:

  • Driving without required training.
  • Driving over the speed limit.
  • Mixing drinking with driving.
  • No rest while driving.
  • Overloaded vehicle.
  • Drive in no-zone of the trucks.
  • To cut the lane in front of the truck.
  • No distance between truck and another vehicle.
  • Overtaking.
  • Under the influence of drugs.
  • Unable to slow down your speed when truck changes a lane.
  • Unable to heed signals of the approaching truck.

Trucks on the road seems to be a potential death threat depending on the conditions of the road as well as the attentiveness of the drivers. There are innumerable truck accidents law firms, dedicated to provide the possible representation to its clients. These firms have established a solid reputation and strive to fight for your rights.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Prominent Reasons Behind Catastrophic Truck Accidents

From reckless driving to falling asleep, there are a number of reasons behind serious truck accidents. This is time, when truck accident attorneys prove to be of a great help.

Oftentimes, drives take multiple risks that end up putting your or your family member’s life in hospital or worse. Drivers take multiple routes and drive when tired. And a tired driver is at a great risk of being hit. So, in the need, all you need is a qualified attorney to handle your case.

Another prominent reason for truck accidents is that the drivers are not properly trained. Handling a huge vehicle is much difficult as compared to driving a car. The larger sized vehicles have loads attached to them and the driver needs to know the right trick or way to drive the vehicle safely on roads.

Yet, a number of times, the inexperienced drivers fail to make proper turns or make change lanes safely. As a result, drivers end up getting hurt.

Moreover, some drivers are properly trained or are wide awake but reckless when it comes to driving the vehicle. The drivers may speed, jump traffic lights, or even make illegal turns. All of this put other people on road at risk. So, in case of any misfortune, it is always better consult a truck accident attorneys if you want to get the desired compensation for your troubles.

So, whenever you are involved in a truck accident, you need to consider a number of things. For example, you need to look for a good lawyer that has proper knowledge and experience in handling the truck accident cases.

Dealing with the legal matter in case of a truck accident can be a bit difficult. So, having an experienced truck accident attorney by your side will definitely benefit you.

In addition, the lawyers usually offer free consultation and no upfront fees. Professional lawyers are always aware of the stress and issues you are dealing with. So, money is something they usually do not consider during the initial consultation.

So, by hiring a lawyer, you can get the required legal help and get the right compensation for you losses and troubles.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Few Common Reasons Behind Fatal Truck Accidents

The government has set strict rules for road safety, however some people choose to ignore them. This is when fatal road accidents take place. All road accidents are damaging but the ones that include big commercial vehicle cause maximum damage.

truck accident lawyer

Accidents that involve big vehicle such as trucks cause vast damage to the passengers of other vehicle. There are a number of reasons responsible for serious truck accidents.

Some of the common reasons are mentioned below-

  • Overloading- Overloading of the vehicle is the most common reason behind a number of fatal truck accidents. The truck drivers usually load more goods than truck’s capacity or legal limit, which results the vehicle to go off balance and slip into other vehicles.    

  • Tired divers- Tiredness or exhaustion is another reason responsible for a number of truck accidents on roads. Drivers drive for long period without any break,     which results in tiredness and ultimately accidents happen. So, regular and timely breaks are important to avoid accidents.    

  • Speed limits- Speed     limits are different for different vehicle and every driver is ought     to follow the desired speed limit. This can prevent many dangerous road accidents.
  • Poorly trained drivers- Another common reason behind truck accidents is unqualified or poorly trained truck drivers. It is quite difficult to drive the large commercial vehicle. So, a driver should be properly trained to be eligible to become a truck driver.

  • Tire blowouts- Tire blowouts or equipment failure also leads to truck accidents. Tire failure can occur due to lack of proper air pressure, road debris, and a number of times the result of negligence.    

Safety should be the first priority. However, in case you or any of your family members is a victim of a truck accident, then it is advisable to contact truck accidents lawyers for legal help.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

How To Deal With A Truck Accident Legally?

Being involved in a truck accident is a matter of serious concern. An out of control semi-truck or a large truck can have catastrophic results including severe injuries and fatalities. Many reasons lead to these crashes and some of the most prominent reasons are

  • Fatigued driver
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Drug or alcohol abuse
  • Non compliance to safety procedures
  • Defective equipment

When people get involved in such accidents, they wonder about their course of action. You should know that when these crashes are reported, trucking companies hire the best lawyers to defend their case. In order to gain competitive footing in the case, it is advised to hire the services of a professional truck accident attorney.

If you or your loved one has been injured during a truck accident, then following course of action is recommended.

  • Report:
Immediately call 911 and report the accident. Reporting the accident is necessary, so that one can get immediate medical help along with help from police. Dismiss any doubts about not requiring medical attention and see a doctor quickly. You might be in shock after the accident to notice your own injuries at first.
  • Inform Your Insurance Company
It is essential that you inform your insurance company or concerned personnel, who is mentioned in the insurance policy documents. You should know what will be covered in your policy. It will help you decide your course of action legally, so that you can claim for fair compensation for your injuries and damages.
  • Contact An Attorney
A attorney will help you file a lawsuit and claim compensation. They will begin investigations at the crash site and preserve evidence so that they are not lost.

A lawyer can help you in preserving evidence like

  • Truck's maintenance records
  • Speed of the truck
  • Log book and truck’s black box
  • Statements of the eyewitnesses
  • Driving history of the truck driver
Truck accidents are dangerous and sometimes victims require intensive healthcare for long periods. A lawyer will ensure that your receive the right compensation to cover your medical expenses, lost wages etc. Lawyers of the part at fault will represent the defendants aggressively. But, with a good attorney on your side, you will be able to put up an aggressive fight as well.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Qualities Your Truck Accident Attorney Should Have

If you have been injured in an accident due to negligence and without you being at fault, it is important to hire a specialized personal injury lawyer. Personal injury lawyers handle many cases including car accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractices and some others.

Persons involved in a truck accident may suffer serious injuries, there are a number of issues that need to be considered in truck accident cases. Truck companies usually try to stamp the deck in their favour after the damage. Just as the insurance companies work on the behalf of truck drivers, there are attorneys in truck accident law firms to represent people who have been injured in truck accident cases.

If you hope to get a favourable outcome for your case, hire an attorney having a high level of experience to get the maximum compensation possible in your case. Following are the points that will help you choose the right lawyer.

Track his record of success: Your ultimate goal should be to receive maximum compensation, if the lawyer has won his previous cases, he     will quickly determine the best way to secure your case.

Strong commitment to clients: To attain the best possible outcomes the lawyers need to be committed to your case. They should be competent and make you feel comfortable so that you can easily discuss every issue with them.

Good reputation: The lawyer should have a good reputation in the legal community.    

Laws and regulations: The lawyers should be familiar with the different laws for different cases. They should know the laws and regulations that exist for truck drivers, safety inspections and other issues.    

Holds a valid license: Make sure the attorney you hire has a valid license to work in the particular state. In case your lawyer is not licensed you can be at disadvantage when it comes to negotiations.

These points will help you to find the best attorney who will have the necessary expertise to help you in your case. An experienced lawyer can even the odds and help those injured in accidents due to negligence.